Calm Buddhi facilitates tailored wellbeing programs to suit the needs of both your workplace and employees.

Our expertise is in the areas of mindfulness, yoga, movement and massage. We believe that by investing time in these activities, people will be happier and healthier due to the numerous benefits:

  • Mindfulness classes and workshops can result in greater focus, creativity,
    problem-solving capacity, productivity and life satisfaction.
  • Movement classes can result in improvement of health conditions, mood
    and energy, as well as provide participants with an opportunity to refresh
    and recharge.
  • Massage services are a great way for participants to reduce physical and
    mental stress.

Why invest in workplace health & wellbeing?
Investing in workplace health and wellbeing has been proven to increase productivity, improve concentration and reduce burnout. People feel valued and have higher job satisfaction when activities that enhance physical and mental health are accessible and part of their working life.

We offer the services of yoga, mindfulness meditation and massage because they are proven to benefit physical and mental health. We are passionate about our work because we see the positive effects these activities have amongst participants, including increased engagement, positivity, sense of calm and enhanced energy levels. A full brochure of services is available on request.



“Angela’s class was superb. One of the participants said how impressed they where with her presentation that covered such a wide range of abilities. Others commented how the feelings of peace hung on all afternoon, they loved her voice and felt very safe with her instruction. Others are now motivated to keep practicing yoga now they have tried it”.

Cheryl Adams ~ Personal Development Day Co-Ordinator for Westbreen Primary