Our clinic room is located in Coburg, near Batman Station, Melbourne.  Address provided during phone booking. Get in touch to make a booking

Remedial Massage 1 hr $95

Health Rebates available - Claimable online

Remedial massage treats muscle tension and chronic pain. We will assess whereyou need treatment and what may be causing the pain by performing posturalassessments and orthopaedic tests. The treatment itself may involve deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, therapeutic cupping, and stretching and strengthening activities.

Private health rebates available for most funds. Claimable online

Relaxation Massage 1 hr $95

This massage is great for those who have had a hard work week or for those simply needing to unwind. We use long smooth gliding strokes that are rhythmic and flowing. Pressure is deeply relaxing and not painful.

Aromatherapy Massage  1.5 hr $140

After a consultation, an essential oil blend is designed for your massage.
A very gentle, and nurturing massage. Combining techniques of swedish massage, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, neuromuscular, polarity therapy and reflexology.
This gentle massage is wonderful for the autonomic nervous system to rescue, revive and renew.
Aromatherapy can be useful for

  • symptoms of cold/flu
  • to induce sleep
  • infections
  • respiratory ailments
  • headaches
  • to repel insects and soothe their bites
  • to improve mind, mood and emotions
  • to ease pain and inflammation
  • skin and hair conditions and much more

Sound Meditation/Healing $45-$90

Add 30mins to your massage or have a full 45 minutes – 1 hour of sound using a combinations of sound tools including Tibetan and Crystal sound bowls, Bells and strum drums.

The healing sounds of the bowls creates a subtle vibration through the body. This can work through the body on a cellular level, opening up the flow of energy whilst allowing the mind to settle in a deep state of consciousness.

Pregnancy Massage 1hr $95

Pregnancy massage is a perfect way to reduce stress and promote general well-being during pregnancy. Calm Buddhi provide a holistic perinatal massage therapy method which nurtures mums when creating new life.

We have plenty of cushions and contoured pillows to create comfort during your massage.


Rated 5 out of 5

Karen McVean

Angela Knight is an excellent remedial massage therapist, who displays intelligence, sensitivity and great technique in her treatments. I have a physically and mentally demanding job that puts stress on my body. After my treatment, my back, shoulders and neck were lighter, relieved of tension and pain. I trust and highly recommend Angela.


Rated 5 out of 5

Emma Hamilton

I had the best shoulder and body massage ever with Ange, not to mention the relaxing scent of specially blended essential oils and Tibetan singing bowls sound healing. It was absolutely divine! Ange is an intuitive, and gifted masseuse, I’ll be back for more, it was truly beautiful!