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Mysore Sandalwood and Moonstone Mala

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A beautiful combination of authentic Mysore sandalwood and Sri Lanken moonstone with 108 beads and additional guru bead

Moonstone holds the feminine and cooling properties of the moon and is just like the full moon symbolizing transitions and new beginnings.  In this way its wonderful stone for manifesting your heart felt longings in conjunction with appropriate intentions and mantra. 

Indian sandalwood has a long history as being the aroma of choice for meditation and spiritual growth and its grounding aroma is wonderful for calming a busy mind.  

In India and Tibet sandalwood is a common incense found burning in ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples and is believed to bring us closer to our divine nature.  From my own past experience working with Indian Sandalwood essential oil it has the ability to intercept the mind thoughts and train the mind to be fixed on the essence and peace that is right here within you.  Indian Sandalwood is also known to hold its aroma for many years after it has been taken from the tree and this mala is no exception.

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