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The Travel bolster is used to open the chest in a gentle way.   Its shape allows for expansion of the ribcage and an opening through the chest.  Can be used to level the hips in Pidgeon pose, provide support in restorative inversions and back bends. Use it as a soft yoga block. It is great for travelling as it’s compact size easily fits into your suitcase. It is half the length and height as a regular bolster and is also narrow. Perfect for sitting and supporting physical poses and as an add on to regular sized oval and round bolsters.

Combined with a Hand block printed eye pillow. Handmade with premium flax seed with the calming essential oils of French Lavender and Bergamot. Great for tired, puffy eyes and tension headaches. Used before bed, to calm the mind, during savasana or yoga nidra, massage, while travelling or whenever self care is needed.

You can choose any other prints or patterns in stock. Let us know your preference in the notes of your order.

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