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Bhumi Garden Ultimate Yoga Bundle - Round Yoga Bolster

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Our Ultimate Yoga Bundle will get you set up with the basics for any type of yoga.  Each of the props included will allow you to deepen, modify and enhance your yoga comfort at home or in the yoga studio.

Our yoga bundles have great savings with 10% off making it the perfect option when setting up for your ultimate yoga practice.

Imagine practicing your yoga in comfort, using your blocks to bring the floor to you, straps as extensions for the arms in stretches, blankets for warmth, head support, and much more!

This bundle contains:

  • Our popular round yoga bolster
  • A matching Lavender and Bergamot scented eye pillow (non-scented available on request)
  • Handloomed Yoga Blanket in Burgundy. 
  • Woven D ring yoga strap
  • 2 cork blocks 

Use your:

Yoga bolster under the knees to reduce tension from the lower back in savasana, and support you in forward folds, restorative backends, and inversions.

Eye pillow to restore, relax and turn your awareness inwards.  Using the pure essential oils of lavender and bergamot and cooling flaxseed for weight our eye pillows put gentle pressure on the eyes. This pressure on the eyes sends a signal to the rest and digest part of your nervous system making this prop one that packs a whole lot of relaxation.

Yoga Strap as extensions of your arms for stretching and binding. Straps can facilitate more comfortable forward folds, side bends, shoulder mobility, and more.

Hand loomed yoga blanket to lay underneath for cosy savasana, warm meditations and Yoga Nidra, roll it up to make a bolster shape, use for head and neck support as well as add weight and grounding to your restorative shapes. 

2 cork blocks to bring the floor to you to align your spine and take the tension from your hamstrings in forward folds. 



Round Yoga Bolster: Approx. 70cm x 22cm Diameter 1.5kg (Kapok filled)

Eye pillow: 180g, 100% cotton lining made in India · Filled with Cooling flax · Width 7-12 cm, length 23cm. As the width can vary contact us for exact dimensions.

Yoga Strap:  3.8 x 200cm · .300 g ·100% cotton with metal D ring

Blanket:152 cm x 203 cm · 100% cotton · 1.5kg

Cork blocks:  7 cm × 14.5cm × 22cm  · .95kg



Round Yoga Bolster: Remove cover carefully. Dry clean or place in a garment bag. Gentle cold wash with a small amount of very mild detergent or soap nuts.  To dry lay flat of of direct sunlight. Inside bolster - spot clean only. 

Eye pillow:  Use the same directions for the oval bolster cover.  Replenish the aroma with 2 drops of your favorite calming pure essential oils.  Refresh your flaxseed every so often using the zipped inner liner. 

Yoga Strap: Cool hand wash, hang to dry

Blanket: Gentle cold wash, hang to dry out of direct sunlight

Cork Blocks: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

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Experience elevated comfort.

Fall in love with the incredible craftsmanship.

Immerse yourself in the stunning hand-printed details.

And feel inspired by the wonderful artisans in India who ethically make all our products.

Got more questions? We've got answers around products, ordering, shipping and customer support on our FAQ page.