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Calm Buddhi Relax pack

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A wonderful gift for those wanting to create their own special space for Meditation and healing. 

The sound of the bowl is a wonderful tool to center your awareness at the start and finish of your practice. This special 10cm Diameter brass bowl has been hand beaten and prepared with the traditional Nepali Tibetan procedure. Produces smooth and clear tune and is best played with a strike and then around the rim.

Hand block printed eye pillow. Handmade with premium flax seed with the calming essential oils of French Lavender and Bergamot. Great for tired, puffy eyes and tension headaches. Use before bed, to calm the mind, during savasana, yoga nidra, massage, healing sessions, while travelling or whenever you need some self care .

Grounding Aromatic mist is perfect to clear the space before and after meditation/yoga practice or use as a personal mist, to clear the mind and induce a sense of peacefulness.

Clear Quartz candle holder. Clear quartz is often used to enhance personal awareness and growth and enhance the spiritual experience by calming the mind and balancing our energy field. 

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