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Calm Buddhi Yoga Mala Gift Box

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A wonderful gift for those wanting to create their own special space for Meditation and healing.  

This Gift Box contains:

1 x Aromatic Grounding Mist

A synergy of Pure Essential oils chosen for their calming, grounding and clearing effect. Perfect to clear the space before and after meditation/yoga practice or use as a personal mist, to clear the mind and induce a sense of peacefulness.

Made by  Angela ~ a qualified Aromatherapist.

1 x hand block printed scented eye pillow in Paisley Pink.

Handmade with premium flax seed. Great for tired, puffy eyes and tension headaches. Use before bed, to calm the mind, during savasana or yoga nidra, massage, while travelling or whenever you need some self care.

1 x 108 Sandalwood and Moonstone mala

A beautiful combination of authentic Mysore sandalwood and Sri Lanken moonstone with 108 beads and additional guru bead.

Moonstone holds the feminine and cooling properties of the moon and is just like the full moon symbolizing transitions and new beginnings.  In this way its wonderful stone for manifesting your heart felt longings in conjunction with appropriate intentions and mantra. 

Indian sandalwood has a long history as being the aroma of choice for meditation and spiritual growth and its grounding aroma is wonderful for calming a busy mind

1 x Rose quartz candle holder (Quartz candle holder available on request).

Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart holding the energy of compassion, love and nurture. Emotionally, rose quartz is used to balance emotions and bring peace and calm. A beautiful candle holder for the home, to use during meditation or any time you want to create a calm environment. These natural  rose and clear quartz rocks have been cut out to hold a tea-light or miniature candle.

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