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Calm Buddhi Yoga Gift Box

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A wonderful gift for those wanting to create their own special space for Meditation and healing.  

This Gift Box contains:

1 x hand block printed scented eye pillow in Paisley Pink, scented with Lavender and Bergamot.

Handmade with premium flax seed. Great for tired, puffy eyes and tension headaches. Use before bed, to calm the mind, during savasana or yoga nidra, massage, while travelling or whenever you need some self care.

Tip: Scrunch your eye pillow to re-invigorate the aromas of the essential oils

1 x Traditional Nepali Singing bowl

This brass bowl has been hand beaten and prepared with the traditional Nepali Tibetan procedure. Produces smooth and clear tune and is best played with a stirike and then around the rim.

It is a great choice for those who like the more traditionally prepared bowls.   The makers of the bowl melt the metal then pour into a Gulli Cup or Dice to prepare a metal mold. Then, the moulds are rolled and turned into round metal sheets of specific size and thickness. The sheets are then beaten after precise measurement for weight and sized bowls.

This set comes with handcrafted rosewood high quality mallet and a colored Tibetan fabric ring cushion. Comes with a coloured cushion and rosewood mallet.  The cushions come in a variety of colours. If you have a specific requirement please let us know in the notes of your order.  We will try and accommodate if we have the stock available.

1 x Rose quartz candle holder 

A beautiful candle holder for the home, to use during meditation or any time you want to create a calm environment. These natural  rose and clear quartz rocks have been cut out to hold a tea-light or miniature candle.

Each holder is unique in its shape, depth of colour and natural markings meaning no one is the same.

Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart holding the energy of compassion, love and nurture. Emotionally, rose quartz is used to balance emotions and bring peace and calm.

1 x Grounding aromatic spray

A synergy of Pure Essential oils chosen for their calming, grounding and clearing effect. Perfect to clear the space before and after meditation/yoga practice or use as a personal mist, to clear the mind and induce a sense of peacefulness.

Made by  Angela ~ a qualified Aromatherapist.

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