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Teal Paisley Pranayama Yoga Bolster

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The Pranayam Yoga Bolster is used to promote optimal breathing practices. Its shape allows for expansion of the ribcage and an opening through the chest. The length of the bolster can support the entire spine from the low back to the head and its narrow width allows for the chest to relax and open.
It’s the perfect addition to your pranayama practice, or any pose where you need a little extra height and support.

This pattern was created using two blocks. One for the outline and the other for the finer detail of the motif.     Our artisans work is shown in each Calm Buddhi Zafu.  In hand block printing imperfections are characteristic and add to the charm of this traditional technique. Colour shades can slightly vary between prints as the dyes are hand mixed.

· Hand printed in Rajasthan India
· Cover made from 100% cotton
· Removable, washable cover
· Handy carry handle
· 70cm x 18cm x 8cm
· 1.5 Kg
· 100% cotton lining made in India
· Hand filled with 100% cotton
· Wash separately
· Outer cover gentle hand wash in cold water, line dry
· Inner cover spot clean

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