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Tingsha - Tibetan Cymbals - Meditation Chime

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Tingsha’s have been used throughout history to initiate meditation.  The symbols are made with slightly different tones so as they meet each other this difference in tones emits a low-frequency sound. It is said this sound entrains the brain waves to the same frequency that can be felt in meditation.

Tingsha’s signify the start and sometimes the end of practice and are known to induce a deep state of relaxation.

How to play

- Subtle gentle taps are all that is required - allow the sound to capture your awareness

- Soft taps  on side top to bottom 

- Side by side - lower tones

- You will find different frequencies with the different ways you play them

- Hold loosely 

- Leave some space between each stroke of sound so the sound waves have time to resonate in the space.

Video to come


Other usages:


  1. Clear and protect your environment
  • Open the windows
  • Play the tingsha in the 4 corners of the room 3 times then the whole house.
  • Visualise the unwanted energy collating and disappearing through the windows


  1.  Sound Therapy/Bath
    The Tingsha’s sound reminds the participant to move into the meditative state of deep relaxation. When the body and mind are completely relaxed it allows your whole being to move into a receptive state for deep healing to occur.


  1. To initiate any healing modality were moving the client into their inner world and deep relaxation is required. Great to initiate and exit massage sessions, reiki, sound healings and polarity therapy.

Care Instructions

  • Treat your tingsha as they are sacred. Cleanse your Tingsha with sage, palo santo wood, or incense.  After cleansing never put it on the floor or in low places, always keep it on higher places like an alter.
  • Keep dry and protect with cotton divider and case to keep your tingsha from scratching



Shape: Symmetrical domed-shaped metal and a leather string looped between each dome.

Material: 5 metals of Copper & Zinc (99.9%, gold, silver and iron (1%)

Size (approx.) Diameter approx 8cm

In case weight – Approx 440g with cover on

Cover – Custom Cover to keep your tingsha protected

Origin: Nepal

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