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Crescent Meditation Cushions

Our crescent meditation cushions are a wonderful transportable option for meditation. The downward slope of the cushion can help you sit with a lengthened spine with relaxed, hips.  This design provides you with room to tuck your heels in close to your body. 

Our artisans work is shown in each Calm Buddhi Zafu.  In hand block printing imperfections are characteristic and add to the charm of this traditional technique.

Provides postural support to the spine during meditation and pranayama practice. Filled with Buckwheat hulls which contours to your unique body.

For leg and knee support, pair with a color co-ordinated Zabuton.  You will not want to put these away ~ a talking point and constant reminder to promote a regular daily practice.

When preparing for meditation have the knees so they are lower than the hips. This allows for circulation to the lower limbs during sitting positions. Our crescent meditation cushions offer more room to allow for the knees to naturally drop to the floor.

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