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We created this pack for reiki and healing beds where getting your clients comfortable is essential to the healing somatic journey of letting go. Also a wonderful light transportable bundle for yoga practice in Studio!

Pranayama Bolster

Our pranayama bolsters can be used to release tension around the heart and rib cage as well as provide a gentle lift of the knees to take compression or discomfort from the lower back in lying down positions.

Eye Pillow

Eye pillows encourage introspection and also a tuning into the energetic movement through the body. These also apply a subtle pressure to the eyes and subsequent pressure to the oculocardiac reflex which lowers the heart rate (Calm Heart = calm mind) and stimulates the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve regulates the heart rate and digestion – it is the main communicator to our rest and digest system. All eye pillows will be scented in the bundle unless requested otherwise in the notes of your order.

Grounding Aromatic Spray

A synergy of Pure Essential oils chosen for their calming, grounding and clearing effect. Perfect to clear the space before and after reiki/meditation/yoga practice or use as a personal mist, to clear the mind and induce a sense of peacefulness.

Made by Angela ~ a qualified Aromatherapist.

Ingredients: Rose Otto Floral Water, 100% pure essential oils of Atlas Cedarwood, Palo Santo, Patchouli & Bergamot

Features and specs of the Pranayama Bolster

· Hand block printed by artisans in Rajasthan India
· Made from 100% durable cotton
· Removable, washable cover
· Handy carry handle
· 70 x 18 x 8cm
· 1.4 Kg
· 100% cotton lining made in India
· Hand filled with 100% Kapok or at times when our supply chain is affected we use Australian Cotton
· Wash separately
· Outer cover gentle hand wash in cold water, line dry
· Inner cover spot clean

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