About Us

Calm Buddhi founder Angela Knight first began her journey practicing yoga 16 years ago but it was during her recovery from a serious illness that Yoga really became a part of her life. Since then Angela has completed multiple Yoga Teacher training’s, became a certified Meditation facilitator and completed multiple post graduate studies in Anatomy and Physiology and Advanced fundamentals in Yoga.

After several visits to India, Angela got to know some wonderful families and their culture of dedicated practice in their homes. Alters almost scattered in every corner with idols, meditation cushions and candles.   This was a true inspiration for Calm Buddhi. It was after this time in northern India Angela’s love of Yoga had been united with her love of textiles.

Angela traveled all over India with her Mother Jill and Husband Cam to meet some of the most wonderful artisans, many of which have received prestigious awards for their work in block printing textiles.

We work directly with artisanal families and communities

It’s our policy to price the product for its value and the countless artisan hours it takes to make the product. We rarely have discounted sales and instead invest in knowing our source, working with communities side by side, ensuring ethical trade, a good wage and comfortable working conditions.  We don’t mass produce or put massive margins on our product. This all means that you can shop ethically and mindfully with Calm Buddhi. 

Our aim is to produce and supply a variety of traditional Yoga and Meditation props making seated positions and yoga practice much more comfortable for modern bodies to sit, practice and meditate in comfort.  Most prints are a limited edition and have been made to be a feature in your home furnishings and a constant reminder to come home to yourself with a dedicated practice.