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Meditation Cushions and Accessories

Discover our meditation cushions and accessories steeped in tradition. Ready to elevate your practice, support the artisans whilst being kind to the earth?

Meditation cushions, also known as meditation pillows, meditation seats and meditation pads help with achieving a comfortable sitting position. meditation cushions come in the zafu (small) and zabuton (larger) sizes and work wonderfully together. Our Yoga Nidra and Meditation futons upgrade your savasana, lying meditation and Yoga Nidra significantly. 

Love being comfortable during your meditation practice? We have a range of blankets, heat packs, scarves/shawls mala beads made from the highest quality materials guaranteed to keep you feeling amazing. 

Hand printed by our amazingly talented Artisanal Communities in India, we assemble our meditation cushions and accessories and deliver from our HQ in Melbourne, Australia.

We hope you fall in love with them too!

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