Tips for your Meditation Cushion

meditation cushion tips

We're so happy you have a Calm Buddhi Meditation Cushion and we hope you really do love it. 

Here's some great tips! If you any questions please message us, we'd love to help you!

TIP #1 

Our Zabutons and Futons are filled with a natural fibre called kapok. It grows on trees and takes less water to harvest so makes it a more sustainable option on our planet. It looks like cotton but is much lighter in weight. This makes it an easier product to transport to your classes. As with any natural fibre it will compress and change shape the more you use it. The cushioning provides for a wonderful softness under your ankles when using with round meditation cushion on top

TIP #2

If you are in a humid area you can help keep moisture from your product by having a dehumidifier in your room, this is the most effective approach.

Salt rocks in the room and silica gel packets placed inside the cover can also absorb moisture but need to be maintained as they will become less effective over time.

Kapok absorbs less moisture than cotton making a great choice for our zabutons but some really humid areas or those with a lack of ventilation require some extra help to prevent the bolster from absorbing moisture.

TIP #3  

Our Meditation cushions and futons are all made with a zipped cover so that if needed you may clean your zabuton cover.  We highly recommend having these dry cleaned or if you need to clean at home soap nuts are a wonderful natural way to clean your covers. Always place your cover in a laundry bag, and clean in cold water. On completion stretch the fabric out and lie in a place that it will dry without direct sunlight.  As with all natural dyes it is expected to experience a little fading each time you wash 

TIP #4

Store your products in a place that is not in direct sun. This will prevent your beautiful hand crafted item from fading. 

TIP #5

All of our bodies are different so finding your most comfortable seat is important. If sitting cross legged does not work for your body try kneeling and sitting on the cushion. For optimal comfort we recommend pairing the Round Meditation cushion or Rondo with a Zabuton (large square cushion). As this provides a soft surface for your ankles. When kneeling, you can have your ankles falling over the edge of the zafu - for many this prevents compression of the ankle joint.  The main purpose for the zafu and zabuton together is to offer an opening of circulation and comfort under the ankles. By sitting on the edge of the zafu and allowing the knees to drop  down lower than the hips it helps to keep the circulatory channels open. The slight tilt of the hips also offers a good grounding for most people, allowing for the spine to lengthen upward. 

TIP #6

Our Round Meditation cushions and Rondos are filled with Australian buckwheat hull.  We use this traditional filling as it is time tested as well as having the capacity to mold to your sit bones more easily than cotton or kapok would. Over time your hull will break down. In the beginning if you feel they are too high or too firm you can unzip the cover and find the side zip on the inner liner.  From here you can take out a jar at a time - until you find your most comfortable height. Keep the hull in a sealed jar for later as you are likely going to want to put them back in eventually.


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