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Madder root wild silk natural dye scarf

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Beautifully hand block printed  by Sufiyan and his team in Gujarat India. 

Unlike fine commercial silk fabrics, wild silks like Tasar  have a natural luminosity and texture. 

Combining Tasar and Natural dyes creates a beautiful shades  of light.  The scarves themselves have been hand woven in Bhagalpur village, Bihar.

Perfect to use during meditation to cover the crown and shoulders. 

Wearing a natural fibre covering over the head and shoulders helps to contain the rising of energy as you meditate, it can take you into the zone of your own cocoon

A completely versatile scarf that can be worn:

~ In meditation

~ To cover the shoulders and neck on your way to and from the studio

~ Dressing up an outfit it is a wearable piece of artwork.

Our artisans have used madder root for the for the orange tones and hand block printed in Indigo and fermented iron with resist paste.

Multiple hand carved blocks where used to create this pattern. 

Care: Gentle hand wash in cold water, once washed and rinsed absorb excess water from the scarf with a towel. Hang to dry. 

Dimensions: Length: 214cm width: 57cm


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