Tips for your Singing Bowl

We're so happy you have a Calm Buddhi Singing Bowl and we hope you really do love it!

Here's some great tips! If you any questions please message us, we'd love to help you!

TIP #1 

If you have a Moon bowl its power of lovely resonance comes from using a soft mallet for striking. We highly recommend purchasing if you have not already. You are able to play around the rim but we feel this bowls true magic comes from the simplet strike on the edge of the bowl

TIP #2 

Watch this video for a collection of tips when using your bowl. 


Tip # 3

Mindful Listening

These bowls are particularly potent in capturing and focusing your attention prior to meditation or prior to a yoga or meditation practice.  The sound of the bowl reminds us to come back to ourselves, turn down the volume of our outer world to the inner chambers of our being.  to be in the moment, to fully experience what’s happening right now via the sensations

TIP #4

Breathing Space 

Many people use their bowl in their "breathing space". It's a place you go when you need to cool down or gather your thoughts.  A peaceful spot where you can come back to yourself, where no negative emotion is allowed.  Many have their children using it when time is called for calming down. 

The bell serves to open the practice of coming back to the moment, listen and to mindfully breath. It is known not only to help the person using the bowl but others in the house who can hear the bowl,  by default the sound can center their awareness too.

TIP #5

Mindfulness with children at school or at home. 

For mindful moments of awareness you can use the bowl at the start of class or at a time at home where calm is needed. As a family, in class or with your child you can simply ask the children to close their eyes. Listen for the sound of the bowl and ask them to tell you when the sound has stopped ringing by placing their hand up.   It may be that they then facilitate - asking others to listen.  There is something magical in singing bowls for children (and with adults) as they have a way of calming and centering the body and mind.  We love our moon bowl with the soft mallet as it has the longest lasting resonance for this activity.