Tips for your Yoga / Meditation Blanket

We're so happy you have a Calm Buddhi Yoga / Meditation Blanket and we hope you really do love it!

Here's some great tips! If you any questions please message us, we'd love to help you!


TIP #1 -

 Using your blanket for neck alignment and comfort [ask Dragonfly if we can clip their video with full credits to them]

Tip #2

If you get knee discomfort use your folded blanket for some extra padding in kneeling postures such as cat cow and camel pose

Tip #3

Our favourite - use you blanket for added weight and grounding as well as warmth for cooler days  in savanasan or yoga nidra

Tip #4

Use your folded blanket as a cushion to sit on.  Sitting on the edge of a folded blanket helps tilt your pelvis slightly forward, allowing for more open circulation down the lower limbs. Tilting a pelvis slightly also gives you some grounding to rise and lengthen your spine.

Tip #5

You can roll your blanket into a log and use like a bolster under the knees to take compression out from the lower back in savasana, yoga nidra or any healing modality whilst lying down.