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Bhumi Garden Oval Yoga Bolster

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Oval bolsters offer a gentle opening to the chest, provide a moderate lift for restorative back bends and inverted postures such as Viparita Karani or happy baby (Ananda Balasana) 

Its generous size creates a stable, comfortable surface for meditation if a zafu is not available to you.Placing the bolster under the knees in lying down positions can take the pressure out of the lower back allowing for more comfort and ease in Yoga Nidra, Shavasana or just generally lying down on your back.

This pattern was created using 3 hand carved blocks and global organic standard dyes. 

Bundle and Save - save 25% off the eye pillow when purchased with your bolster.

Eye pillows are a wonderful addition to your restorative, yoga nidra, sleep meditation and savasana practice.  By simply closing the eyes and blocking the light it sends a signal to the mind and body to relax. 

Scented with lavender and bergamot our eye pillows are created to calm the nervous system and are great for sleeplessness too! Eye pillows are available unscented on request.  


· Hand block printed by artisans in Karnataka India
· Made from 100% durable cotton
· Removable, washable cover
· Handy carry handle


· Approx. 64cm x 28cm x 20cm
· Approx. 1.5kg (Kapok filled), 2.7kg (Cotton filled)
· 100% cotton lining made in India
Hand filled with 100% Natural Kapok fibre. At times when our supply chain is affected we use 100% Australian Cotton


· Wash separately
· Outer cover gentle hand wash in cold water, line dry
· Inner cover spot clean

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