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Earth Star - Yoga Nidra and Meditation Futon

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Inspired by the element of earth - pṛthivī

All must rise and return to the earth.  We must engage with the body and all of it's senses to allow us to grow. We ground to grow in this life.

Our Earth Star range is hand block printed by the amazing Sufiyan and his team in Gujarat India.  Our artisans have used one block and multiple steps with iron, alum and madder root for base dye and gum arabic and lime powder as a resist print.

Part of our Ajrakh quilted range.

- Our Yoga Nidra and Meditation futons upgrade your Savasana, lying meditation and Yoga Nidra significantly. This is the ultimate in comfort for these practices

- A beautiful addition to your home practice space

· Hand block printed in Gujarat India
· Cover made from 100% durable cotton quilting
· Removable, washable cover
· When laid out the futon measures:
 75cm by 200cm

· 8-9 kg
· 100% cotton lining made in India
· Hand filled with 100% natural kapok 
· Hand wash separately with gentle detergent. Soap nuts will work best
· Outer cover gentle hand wash in cold water, line dry
· Inner cover spot clean

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