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Akasha - Eye Pillow

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Inspired by the element of space ~ Ākāśa 

The space in which all matter and energy is contained.  Ākāśa can be witnessed in stillness, holds our space and connects us to a higher consciousness. Ākāśa can be visualised as a black space and sometimes with multicoloured points of light. 

Our Ākāśa range is made by the amazing Sufiyan and his team in Gujarat India.  Our artisans have used one block and multiple steps to create this pattern with natural elements and dyes, fermented iron and resist paste in gum arabic and lime.

Handmade with premium flax seed.

- Great for tired, puffy eyes and tension headaches

- Use before bed, to calm the mind

- Use during Savasana or Yoga Nidra

- Use for massage, while travelling or whenever you need some self care

· Hand block printed cover by artisans in Gujarat India
· Removable, washable cover
· Made from 100% cotton canvas
. 180g, 100% cotton lining made in India
· Filled with cooling flax
· Width 7-12cm, length 23cm. As the width can vary contact us for exact dimensions.
· Assembled in Melbourne Australia

· Inner cover spot clean
· Remove cover
· Wash separately
· Cold water hang to dry

Tip: Scrunch your eye pillow to re-invigorate the aromas of the essential oils

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