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Holly Amethyst - Meditation comfort bundle

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The total package for comfort and support during your seated meditation and pranayama (breath) practice as well as for casual seating at home.

The Zafu (round meditation cushion) and Zabuton (large square cushion) is a traditional set. The zafu elevates your sit bones and when sitting on the front edge allows for a gentle tilt in the pelvis. This allows for the spine to rise up whilst also allowing space for the knees to descend lower than the hips.  The Zabuton gives your knees and ankles a soft landing and grounding for your meditation practice. 

Add to this the cosy softness of a faux rug and you have a comfortable bundle that will set you up for longer periods and a comfortable meditation. The faux rug included in this bundle is the white rug unless requested otherwise.

TIP:  When preparing for meditation have the knees so they are lower than the hips. This allows for circulation to the lower limbs during sitting positions. Our zafus offer more room to allow for the knees to naturally drop to the floor.



· 100% cotton quilted cover
· Hand block printed with natural dyes and resists by artisans in Karnataka India
· Removable, washable cover
·  Durable cover with handy carry handle


Round Meditation cushion (Zafu)

· 40 diameter X 18cm
· 2.7 Kg
· 100% cotton lining made in India
· Filled with 100% Australian Buckwheat hulls
· Assembled in Melbourne Australia

Square Meditation cushion (Zabuton)

· 76cm x 74cm x 7cm
· 2.7kg
· 100% cotton lining made in India
· Filled with 100% Natural Kapok or at times when our supply chain is affected we use Australian Cotton

Faux Rug

Made from Polyester

L = 92cm W = 60 at widest point



· Wash separately
· Dry clean where possible. Outer cover gentle cold hand wash with soap nuts or very mild detergent, line dry out of direct sunlight
· Inner cover spot clean

Faux Rug:

Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent.  Blow dry for best effect and hang for final drying out of direct sunlight


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