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Wind Star - Oval Yoga Bolster

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Inspired by the element of wind - Vāyu

Our inner and out space.  Wind provides movement and with that we can move through life, evolve and even transform. Vayu moves through the heart and is our core consciousness. When we are are in balance our mind moves from this space of the heart

Our Wind Star range is hand block printed by the amazing Sufiyan and his team in Gujarat India.  Our artisans have used one block and multiple steps with iron, alum,  tamarix flower  for base dye and gum arabic and lime powder as a resist print. 

Part of our Ajrakh quilted range. 

Oval bolsters:

- Offer a gentle opening to the chest

- Provide a moderate lift for restorative back bends and inverted postures such as Viparita Karani or happy baby (Ananda Balasana) 

- Its generous size creates a stable, comfortable surface for meditation if a zafu is not available to you

- Placing the bolster under the knees in lying down positions can take the pressure out of the lower back allowing for more comfort and ease in Yoga Nidra, Savasana or just generally lying down on your back 

· Hand block printed by artisans in Gujarat India
· Cover made from 100% durable cotton quilting
· Removable, washable cover
· Handy carry handle
· 64cm x 30cm x 15cm
· Kapok filled approx 1.5kg Cotton filled approx 2.7kg
· 100% cotton lining made in India
· Hand filled with 100% natural kapok or at times when our supply chain is affected we use 100% Australian cotton
· Wash separately
· Outer cover gentle hand wash in cold water, line dry
· Inner cover spot clean

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