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Large Spiral Wing Chime

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Just 1 remains. We love this extra large wing chime for the unique sound it emits and corresponding ripple effect it provides to the energy and physical body. 

It is based on the harmonic rise and fall of Shruti tunings on C 256 Hertz. The chimes can be swung gently, rotated, and swayed around and over the body to create an embodied experience of spherical sound with layered consistency and harmonizing effect.

Perfect for healing rooms where it can take semi-permanent residence tied to the ceiling.

Spiral Wing Chime comes with a mallet.

Size: 3.8cm chimes

Material: Aluminium


  • Length: 84cm
  • Breadth: 102cm 
  • Height: 2cm 

Made in: The community of Auroville, India

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