Yin Spring Practice with Tania Perry

Here's a beautiful class with the wonderful Tania Perry that we were so honoured to host, we hope you love it as much as we did!

After the dormancy of winter comes the upsurge of spring underpinned by the element of Wood. The wood element enhances our capacity to birth new ideas, make changes and to generate clear intentions.

Spring lifts our energy and sends us out into the world once again, ready to shake off the cobwebs, be creative, open windows and doors and let the fresh breeze blow in..."

You will be guided through a nurturing and slow Yin Yoga practice to help you to gradually unfurl from winter and welcome in the new seasonal energy of Spring. We are looking forward to joining you on the mat for this amazing class with Tania!

What you need:

Set up a sacred space to practice Your favourite Clam Buddhi Yoga Props (Bolster, Blanket and Block, Eye pillow, Strap (pillow and Yoga nidra futon for ultimate savasana bliss)) Comfortable layered clothing (we will be moving our bodies)

Practicing with compassion and care:

In Yin yoga the intention is to find a comfortable and relaxing edge. Practice with self-kindness and compassion, modify where necessary and use as many props as you need to relax.

A good guage for this is breath which should be calm and relaxed as you hold in each shape. If your breath shortens or you are holding your breath pull back a little bit, modify, prop up or change the shape.

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